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Disneyland Paris November 17-18

Impactful sessions from fearless tech leaders.

Build Anything Together at SymfonyCon unites the Platform.sh and Symfony communities from across the globe to hear keynotes from industry leaders, engage in hands-on workshops and technical sessions, and chat one-on-one with industry experts.

This inaugural event joins forces with SymfonyCon at Disneyland Paris.

Nov. 17
Nov. 18

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What is FleetOps and why you should care?

As the world gets more complicated so does managing all the digital assets of an organization. Standardizing is no longer about the software, the infrastructure provider or even the location but rather the ability to manage across multi-stack, multi-location and multi-providers in a streamlined fashion. Learn about the best way to speed up your time to market across your entire organization by standardizing on next generation DevOps we call FleetOps.

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Customer trust: Lessons learned from 1000 cybersecurity assessments

Cyber crime is expected to exceed $10 Trillion globally by 2025. As a result, security compliance initiatives like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI are table stakes to earn customer trust in today’s market. If customer trust is important to your business, we will reveal lessons learned from over 1000 cybersecurity assessments and what you can do to stay ahead of the market’s evolving security and compliance requirements.

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Voice of partner panel discussion: how Platform.sh agency partners drive innovation and growth

In this session, successful Platform.sh agency partners share how the Platform.sh Partner Program has helped them develop, accelerate, and scale their businesses in multiple domains, including collaboration, ecommerce, FleetOps, not-for-profit, and public sector. Partners will discuss their lessons learned and their vision for future innovations. Join us to gain insight into the latest resources available to help digital agencies drive and deliver results faster than ever before.

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Why, when, and how decoupling is (sometimes) an option

Monolithic apps are getting broken down left and right into dedicated services and teams, all under the banners of separating concerns, higher efficiency, and more. Truthfully, however, decoupling into specialized services is only one option, and not always the best one depending on where you’re at.

There’s a time and a place for everything, and decoupling can become a beacon of efficiency if appropriate, or a migration nightmare if uncalled for or premature. In this talk, we’ll discuss how decoupling can work well, when it’s time to consider the additional complexity, and when you should be thankful you’re a monolith.

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Climate change and the cloud: we scale sustainably


This session will provide an overview of climate change, explore how to quantitatively reduce your carbon footprint in the cloud, and explore what actionable information is needed by the client. The ICT sector contributes ~4% of global greenhouse gas emissions – this is more than global aviation. At Platform.sh we leverage: – code profiling, – density and – location to reduce your carbon footprint compared to a standard cloud deployment. As the field of carbon accounting and observability are quite new, we will discuss our ambitions and solicit your input to ensure that our actions are aligned with your needs. This session should be of interest to any organization looking to scale up its fleet operations and reach its sustainability goals.

Exciting talks will be announced soon!