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Disneyland Paris November 17-18

Impactful sessions from fearless tech leaders.

Build Anything Together at SymfonyCon unites the Platform.sh and Symfony communities from across the globe to hear keynotes from industry leaders, engage in hands-on workshops and technical sessions, and chat one-on-one with industry experts.

This inaugural event joins forces with SymfonyCon at Disneyland Paris.

Nov. 17
Nov. 18

Nov 17 2022 – 10:05-10:40 am // Speaker: Shawna Spoor

From monolith to decoupled…wait, why is that one getting bigger?!?

Monolithic apps are getting broken down left and right into dedicated services and teams, all under the banners of separating concerns, higher efficiency, and more. The strategy that is implemented will be crucial to ensure decoupling is a beacon of efficiency and not a migration nightmare.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how decoupling following the strangler fig approach will seem counter-intuitive, as your monolith continues to grow alongside your new decoupled architecture. But this approach, when done right, makes dismantling a monolith a process that is structured and safe, slow but agile, and without major service interruptions or massive interface changes that shock and discombobulate users. We will look at the experience of Platform.sh’s customer experience engineering team who are midstream on moving from a monolith to a decoupled suite of mircroservices that support every aspect of user interaction with our products.

Nov 17 2022 – 11:10-11:45 am // Speaker: Christian Hyatt, CEO and Co-Founder @ risk3sixty

Customer Trust: Lessons Learned From 1000 Cybersecurity Assessments

Cyber crime is expected to exceed $10 Trillion globally by 2025. As a result, security compliance initiatives like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and PCI are table stakes to earn customer trust in today’s market. If customer trust is important to your business, we will reveal lessons learned from over 1000 cybersecurity assessments and what you can do to stay ahead of the market’s evolving security and compliance requirements.

Nov 17 2022 – 2:30-3:05 pm // Speaker: Ori Pekelman

Build apps, not platforms: operational maturity in a box

Delivering applications today means being a part of a clearly defined and secure lifecycle – something that validates revisions on provisioned infrastructure and monitors production continuously. Organizations grow “platform teams” to manage this complexity, defining and enforcing operational standards around a common platform built in-house that connects a number of tools and providers.

This can turn into an expensive moving target, one that’ll leave your team reinventing the wheel forever – spending less time on writing features as you focus on everything else around applications. Platform.sh provides a unified, secure platform powered by Git and an infrastructure abstraction that provides operational maturity out-of-the-box. You’ll spend less time orchestrating all of your apps, and more time experimenting with new technologies, optimizing your code, and scaling all in one place.

Nov 17 2022 – 3:15-3:50 pm // Speaker: Natalie Harper

Building a great product means designing for your users

What makes a successful product? Is it something that looks good, works good or is it something much more simple. Delivering something that your users actually want, in an enjoyable way.

In today’s overpopulated tech space, there’s an app or site for everything. But, like you, I could tell you my most used apps on just one hand. These are the products that make what I need to do seamless and enjoyable. User centered-design aims to balance the needs of a business, while working within the capacities of your engineering team. This talk will share ways in which you can bring your user’s voice to the forefront of product development through user-centered design.

Nov 17 2022 – 4:20-4:55 pm // Speaker: Erik Evrard

Voice of partner panel discussion: how Platform.sh agency partners drive innovation and growth

In this session, successful Platform.sh agency partners share how the Platform.sh Partner Program has helped them develop, accelerate, and scale their businesses in multiple domains, including collaboration, ecommerce, FleetOps, not-for-profit, and public sector. Partners will discuss their lessons learned and their vision for future innovations. Join us to gain insight into the latest resources available to help digital agencies drive and deliver results faster than ever before.

Nov 18 2022 – 9:00-9:40 am // Speaker: Leah Goldfarb, Frédéric Plais

Climate change and IT, scaling sustainably

This session will provide an overview of climate change, explore how to quantitatively reduce your carbon footprint in the cloud, and explore what actionable information is needed by the client. The ICT sector contributes ~4% of global greenhouse gas emissions – this is more than global aviation.

Nov 18 2022 – 9:50-10:25 am // Speaker: Leah Goldfarb, Mary Thomas

Calculating what we can’t see: carbon emissions in the cloud

The importance of full carbon emissions accounting, including virtual assets, has become the norm and is set to be an environmental compliance issue going forward. These changes are superimposed on a changing regulatory landscape (e.g. the EU’s Green Deal). Although universal common standards are sometimes lacking, our technical understanding is improving. In the interest of Building Anything Together, we will unpack Platform.sh’s approach to carbon calculations, including how we seek to allocate carbon emissions across our product profile and how our customers can contribute to minimizing their carbon footprint in the cloud.

Nov 18 2022 – 11:00-11:35 am // Speaker: Jessica Orozco

What is FleetOps and why you should care?

As the world gets more complicated so does managing all the digital assets of an organization. Standardizing is no longer about the software, the infrastructure provider or even the location but rather the ability to manage across multi-stack, multi-location and multi-providers in a streamlined fashion. Learn about the best way to speed up your time to market across your entire organization by standardizing on next generation DevOps we call FleetOps.

Nov 18 2022 – 2:30-3:05 pm // Speaker: Jérôme Vieilledent

Observability tools: Who’s who?

When it comes to application observability, different categories of tools are at our disposal: static code analyzers, profilers, APMs, to name a few. Like any good tool, they usually serve a specific purpose. In this presentation, we will explore the differences between these tools, to whom they’re dedicated, and see how complementary they are.