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Shopware is an open, headless commerce platform powered by Symfony 5.4 and Vue.js 2.6 that is used by thousands of shops and supported by a huge worldwide community of developers, agencies and merchants.

The Community Edition is free, Open-Source and MIT licensed. It is the foundation of all Software created by Shopware.

Develop your ecommerce business now!

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Ibexa is the B2B game changer and only provider of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and strong methodology dedicated to B2B. Ibexa DXP enables developers to design and develop websites, web applications and complex eCommerce stores. Built on the standard Symfony PHP framework, developers can leverage existing knowledge and integrating custom functionality alongside core features.

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Orange Business Services is a global network-native digital services company, part of the Orange Group, which supports companies and organizations through their digital transformation.

With 29,100 employees worldwide, we combine global presence with a local approach to design new business models with our clients and unlock their full potential.

We create a positive impact both for their businesses and for the world around them.